Project engineering

Our objectives when it comes to implementing a project are to optimize processes to achieve maximum efficiency and profitability in terms of production and energy, guarantee safety, and make progress a reality with innovative and competitive solutions that look ahead to the future.

Although we are engineers qualified to carry out all kinds of works and projects, over time we have become specialized in the food industry. It has been the different types of clients in this sector that, due to their needs, have driven us to find different solutions every time — solutions that are tailored to each client, to the evolution of the industry itself and to its specific characteristics. As a result, after 12 years, our knowledge of food engineering allows us to confront any challenge successfully, and it consolidates our reputation as experts.

We have the team, experience, and technology required. We work with BIM methodology to optimize the management and control of industrial warehouses. Modeling with precise design and maintenance information avoids wasting time and resources in both the construction and future remodeling.

We are specialized in industrial cooling, and we implement the latest technological innovations to ensure that facilities are the most efficient and easiest to maintain.

And thanks to our long-standing commitment to sustainability and renewable energies, we are specialists in the installation of photovoltaic panels on the roofs of warehouses, and we have accurate and up-to-date knowledge of the regulatory changes that may affect their profitability.

Improvements to achieve efficiency and profitability in terms of production and energy.